About Us
 POLA Group

POLA GROUP is a growing group of companies with unique specialization in 4 Strategic Business Group: Construction, Industrial, Oil & Gas – Energy, and Distribution. Most of the companies are the market leader or has become the Top Five in each field.

Since the beginning, POLA GROUP has always had the vision to do local manufacturing of our products. With license and transfer technology from our principal, our Research & Development keeps creating new innovations of the products to better suit the regional needs.
In addition, we have a large scale of manufacturing facility, maintenance and repair workshop with ISO 9000 and HSE certification to support the business to be more competitive in domestic private & government projects, and overseas customers. 

POLA GROUP is in cooperation with 40+ principals from 15 countries, and has more than 1,400 employees, and 40+ offices including manufacturing plant and warehouses all over Indonesia.

With all combined, POLA Group has been acknowledged as a growing group of companies that meets the needs of specialities in professionals.



POLA Group