PT Dwi Prima Engineering (Pumps & Valves)


Established in April 2001, PT Dwi Prima Engineering specialist in Industrial Pump and Valve Equipment. Our Product segment have cover 3 market :

  • Industrial Water : Specialist to supply pumps and pumping system for water technology application to serve Light & Heavy Industrial, High rise building, Minicipals etc
  • Industrial Process : Specialist supply and design solution for chemical pump included design application for special process pump and serve to water treatment plant, Sewage Treatment plant, Chemical plant and Industry process pump
  • Oil & Gas : Specialist supply & test Safety valve and control valve to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Plant

Besides the above division we also have Repair & Maintenance Division to Support our segment market and after sales service. 
PT. Dwi Prima Engineering provides best quality products pump and valve including our repair and testing facility that meets international standards to support our product.